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OSHA 10 Hour
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OSHA 10 Hour

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OSHA 10 Hour
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OSHA 10 Hour Training
Webinar/Video Conference

Welcome to this unique delivery method for the OSHA 10 hour outreach training! I have conducted over a dozen OSHA 10 hour outreach trainings in Construction and General Industry via this method. These are OSHA-accepted courses, giving you the exact same OSHA card as a training where we are physically together in-person.

Note: Training via this method of delivery requires a 60-day written notice to OSHA. We take care of writing OSHA the formal request, as we have already done 16 OSHA 10 hour Outreach Trainings via Webinar/Video Conferencing!

Are you:

  • Already booked for a training with your company? Watch the video below to get ready for training day!
  • Interested in booking a training for your company? Request a Quote and I will respond within 1 business day or less! Then be sure to watch the video below so you can get excited about your next OSHA training in English or Spanish that finally won’t bore your employees!

This 8-min. video takes you by the hand using screens shots to prepare you for training day and for logging into the webinar. It’s simple, easy and fun!

Video in English:

Video en español:

Video Summary and Preparation Checklist:

  • An cable to connect your computer(s) to the internet is required. (Don’t use a wireless connection. They are not reliable enough.)
  • A video cam or web cam is required so we can see each other. This is very low tech. The stock, built-in web cam and microphone on the top of any computer screen is more than sufficient. Otherwise, you can buy an external video cam that plugs into your USB port for $25 give or take. Don’t spend more than that, or just borrow someone’s computer with a built-in webcam. If you don’t have a microphone (mostly all webcams have a built-in mic), don’t worry! You can simply connect to the audio portion of the webinar with your phone. Just put it on speaker and -BANG- you’re connected! :)
  • Limit 3 people to a computer, unless you video-out to a projector, TV or unless you have a large computer screen (i.e. > 24″).
  • Test your computer is ready to view videos in the webinar training. The playback of UCF (Universal Communications Format) rich media files requires appropriate players. This is easy to test. Please check whether you have the players installed on your computer by going to https://stevenstlaurent.webex.com/stevenstlaurent/systemdiagnosis.php. The links are all there for free downloads if your computer doesn’t have the players already installed.
  • Each computer must have a designatedModerator“. This is what OSHA mandates. This person will simply control volume, click the “Raise-Your-Hand” button as appropriate and facilitate timely breaks, lunch and start time of training.
  • Download and Print one copy for each person:
  • e imprime una copia para cada persona:
  • Optional Download. Este archivo no es obligatorio imprimir.

Thanks for reading this far down. I can’t wait to meet you in the training!

-Steven St. Laurent